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When is the best time to replace my roof?

When you’re thinking about having your roof replaced, you should take several factors into consideration. Besides obvious issues like how installation will impact your personal schedule, the timing—that is, when you have your roof replaced—is a crucial element. Two main factors come into play when you’re considering what time of year to have your roof replaced:

1. Your budget. It may not be obvious, but roof installation costs actually vary based upon the season, so that’s something you need to take into account. Summer and fall are usually the two busiest times of the year to have your roof worked on because the temperature is ideal for roof replacement. However, because demand typically peaks during these seasons that means that the prices tend to be higher as well.

2. Weather risk. The amount of risk involved with opening up your roof also varies with the season. Of course, when you’re having your roof repaired or replaced, you want your timing to coincide with ideal weather, but at Camelot Roofing, we know that isn’t always the case. There is a huge misconception that you shouldn’t put on a new roof in the winter. The truth is, along as the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no reason not to roof.

For most homes, roof repairs will usually take from two to three weeks. When possible, you want to ensure that you schedule your roof repairs during a few weeks when the weather will be mostly reliable, and not too chaotic. Water getting into your home is obviously the biggest issue, with repercussions years down the road, possibly resulting in mold and/or cracks in your walls.
Camelot Roofing and Construction works with each individual homeowner and family to find the most convenient time possible to schedule having their roof replaced. We want to help you maintain your home in the best possible condition, so we’ll repair or replace your roof with the finest quality materials and workmanship.

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